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SAMPLE EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT FOR VARIOUS SKILLS This employment contract is executed and entered into by and between A. Force majeure and e. in such other cases when contract of employment is terminated through no fault of the employee. Site of Employment 2. Contract Duration commencing from employee s departure from the point of origin to the site of employment. 17. Applicable Law Other terms and conditions of employment which are consistent with the above provisions shall be governed by the...
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Congratulations you got the job of course you're excited, and you can't wait to send back your contract and start your new job or resign from your current role but wait before you sign your new contract here are the top tips of what to look out for before you do the job title is it the same as you discuss the interview this may not seem too important, but the wording used will determine where you fit in to the company's salary landings and your worth on the open market if you want to leave don't sign a contract that says you're an account coordinator if you were told the interview that you would be an account executive and in the same way don't accept a manager title if you've been offered a head of department role the probationary period be clear about how long your probationary period is and the amount of notice you and your employer have to give during this time it's often much shorter than once you've passed your probation the notice period make sure that the notice period you have to give to your employer is the same length as the one they have to give to you the level of notice period is usually determined by the seniority of the role having a long notice period can work for you as it may be in your interests know that you have a salary coming in whilst on notice, but it can also work against you as some companies will not want to wait three months even for an exceptional candidate restrictive covenants these are there to stop you from working for a competitor or within a certain distance of the company generally these are for a period of up to six months however if they're asking for longer this could really hold you back in your career employers power to vary be aware that many contracts will state that the employer has the right to change the location hours duties and pay of the role at any time they choose companies can do this to save themselves time and paperwork if you're promoted, but sometimes they add the steel contract to give them flexibility to change things in line with companies — gee salary and benefits be sure that the contract is absolutely clear about your basic salary and any benefits the company offers if your roll off as a bonus check whether you still receive it if you leave the company before the bonus becomes payable if you're on commission check the structure and timings of these payments so you are absolutely clear before you start a job additional documents if your contract refers to an employee handbook a bonus scheme or any HR policies you haven't yet seen make sure you review them before you sign as they may be enforceable under your contract don't be afraid to speak up if you're unhappy with anything in your contract and if you're unsure about anything speak to HR or to an employment lawyer you need to decide what's important to you many companies will not negotiate on their standard contracts, but your contract is a legally binding document so make sure you understand what you're signing you
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